About Us

PT Indo System Automation

Our business was started from early ‘2012 under name of “SYSMATION” supplying electrical components to south part of Jakarta Industrial area. We “PT. INDO SYSTEM AUTOMATION” as industrial automation components supplier and panel maker & system integrator was established in October ‘2015 for providing more specialized panel & system solution as well as supplying industrial automation electrical components to all our major customers who need industrial automation system solution and consultant in Indonesia.

Handling Items

1. Industrial automation electrical components (PLC, Inverters, Servo & Stepper motors/drivers, Sensors, Controllers, Process automation, Switches & Lights etc.)
2. Panel system consisted of electrical components like PLC, Inverter and Controllers etc.

Major Customers

1. Industrial automation : Food & Beverages, Textile & Garments, Shoes, Packaging & Plastic, Pharmacy, Electrical & Electronic, Automobile etc.
2. OEM : Panel maker, System integrator and machinery makers etc.
3. Government : PLN, Electrical & Electronic, Mobil communication network, Airports, MRT & Rail way, Toll gate, Social infra structure etc


We “SYSMATION” grow as a specialized panel & system solution provider and also contribute to the development of automation industry in Indonesia with providing a qualified & customized industrial automation solutions.



1. Technical consulting and support innovation
2. Customized solution and service innovation
3. Trustable and reasonable price



1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Trust & Reliability
3. Communication & Harmony


Fast responses and delivery, Technical consulting and support, After sales services.



System programming support, Customized customer service


We herewith promise to provide our trust & reliability services in our best. Thanks for your concern about us!